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belt squeel back, at witts end.

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New belts harmonic balancer, alternator,tensioner,power steering pulley. Can't eliminate this squeak. It's not Ac I've eliminated that belt if I spray belt it will stop for a bit then come back. I'm at witts end.
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Sounds like something is not lining up. Did the problem acure after these changes. BEWARE : using that belt slip stuff in a can, will build up on the serpentine belt and cause more of a problem. Check your belt for alinement. If the pullies are gummed up, cleaning them could be a PITA .Try Accatone.( HomeDepo ) Read all warnings. Clean all pullies and replace with a new belt. Good Luck !
I'm using glass cleaner not belt dressing. All the grooved pulleys are new. It was squeaking prior to replacements that's what started this fiasco. The car hasn't been driven in over a year, it does seem to get better when the car runs a while.
you need to isolate the source of the noise.. old mechanic s trick, get a 4 ft piece of 1/2 inch waterhose , stick one end to your ear and with the other end ,move slowly around the pulleys, waterpump, alternator, idlers and tensioners.. you will hear the source of the squeal clearly thru the hose... my moneys on an idler pully
if it is the idler or tensioner, before you reinstall the new one, take it apart and put some hi-temp grease in it.. the aftermarket pieces are almost dry when you get it.. I replaced the same one twice, on my C5 before taking it apart to find it nearly dry.. put grease in the new one, no more problem
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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