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Battery question

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Should I remove my battery for winter storage. It's behind the seat.
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AGM battery ? nope
Normal , it won't usually be a problem.
I always worry about corrosion more than the battery though.
Rot costs more than a battery.
I m sure it gets much colder where you are than here, but a full charged battery cannot freeze.[ well, at least not at temps people can live in] can use a battery tender to keep it up or charge it once a month maybe,or remove and store where warm if you like ..the BEST thing is to move where you don t have to STORE your Vette for winter! LOL!
FLORIDA ! is Good
Yea I plan on putting a battery tender on it. So I guess I will leave it in the car
I live between Niagara Falls and Buffalo, N.Y. and it can get quite cold here. Temps sometimes dip below zero and that really takes a toll on a battery, even when it's hooked up to a trickle charger. After losing a couple of batteries to the bitter cold, I started bringing them indoors for the winter and putting them on a trickle charger in the basement where the temp is around 60-65*. They last a lot longer when taken care of like that.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
The guy that I bought my Vette from (in Iowa) said he was buying a new battery every year until he started using a battery tender. I have a tender hooked to it almost constantly and have never had a lick of trouble in my 2+ years of ownership.
Used to live off the lakefront in chicago.What I did in the winter was get one of them little electric heaters you put under the desk to keep your feet warm.It actually filled my garage with warm so my car would start.I seen times where I used to park outside and the engine would freeze overnight.Once even blew near every freeze plug in an engine.Had engines so cold they froze to a solid block of ice.I'd boil huge pots of water and throw it on the engine to defrost it. Got tired of years of that cold and moved out west.Its gets down to 30 here in winter and people are bundled up like the artic lol.
they have this stuff called Anti-freeze.....LOL! I hear ya,tho, thats too cold for me.. the coldest it got here last year was 36* in January! ..and yeah, people acted like it was the Antartic! .. I love it..yesterday was 79 *!...I had a roomate many years ago that was from Alaska.. he said they would sometimes see 70-80 degrees BELOW ZERO....I cannot imagine why anyone lives there! BBRRRRR!

Cold Weather Sucks ! That's Y I Moved to Florida. But Batterys Don't last long here , the heat kills them .
Cold Weather Sucks ! That's Y I Moved to Florida. But Batterys Don't last long here , the heat kills them .
so does the cold
you just can't win.......:food-smiley-019:
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