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From Another Forum:

"I've never done a compression test, but my new 434" sbc is really hard to rotate with the plugs in. I use a 3 foot long 1/2" drive breaker bar on my crank shaft bolt".

The 7/16"-20 damper retention bolt was NEVER intended to be used to turn the crankshaft/rods/pistons assembly because it can easily snap. This "Geru" from another forum should never be taken seriously because he continually gives really bad advice as well as making outrageous claims. A true professional will use a Snap-On push button switch to use the starter to bump an engine over:

Under my air restriction indicator you can see a 12-gauge green wire that fastens to its mount bracket and goes to the "S" terminal on my starter solenoid. By connecting my Snap-On push button starter switch to the HOT terminal on my fuse block and the mount bracket I can bump my 454" over with the greatest of ease. The green wire's ring terminal can be seen right behind and next to the air restriction indicator.


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