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Ashtin Detail Clinic

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Hey everyone Ashtin Chamberlain will be at the Germain Arena car show in Estero / Fort Myers next weekend Saturday the 19th. She will be having a detail clinic all day on her car. She will be removing swirl marks using Adams products demonstrating with both the Porter Cable 7424 and the Flex.
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nice to see shes still at it.. kids quit so easily now days.. good luck to her
A lady who has a splendid spirit and superb professionalism towards her work...A lady who is enriched with sportsman spirit...Really inspiring and impressive.

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Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm !
Sorry I just got to this post now. I want to wish Ashtin all the best with her detailing business. I give her credit for pursuing her passion, and I think that it is great that you support her 100%. Ashtin, you go girl!
Cat =^..^=
PS C3's are the best! :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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