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Anyone use B&M Torqure Converter, Transpak or Deep sump trans pan on a C5?

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I was looking at the Holeshot 2400 RPM Stall converter (model 70441), as well as maybe a transpak and deep sump pan.

I have looked at the Yank, Pro-Torque and Vigilante converters, but they all are pretty pricey.

My engine is stock internally, with a CAI, exhaust and tune. I plan to upgrade to a 3.15 or 3.42 differential at the same time as the torque converter.

I was looking at the A&A Supercharger kit eventually, as well.

I use the car for fun now, but may want to start auto-crossing with it.
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As a rule, you'll want to avoid B&Ms overdrive converters. I've been using and selling Protorque converters for 7 years. From a performance and reliability standpoint there's no better converter out there. We have many customers running Yank converters with pretty good success too. Our findings with converters pretty much follow the old rule, "You get what you pay for" A poorly built converter will not only perform worse, but many "cheaper" converters fail. When a converter fails, it will take the transmission with it most cases. A poorly built converter will generate more heat, and will cost performance because of their inefficiency.
The Vigilantes USED TO BE a quality converter. Their quality has went downhill rapidly in the past 5-6 years. We've seen them fail in as little as 2 months. Then again, I've had them that wouldn't even fit in a transmission because they were built wrong. That would have been excuseable if the owner didn't argue with me for an hour on the phone before I proved it was their error. Avoid B&M, TCI and Edge also.

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