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I have a 1979 corvette with a 383" 420 hp crate engine. When it's hot it cranks real slow like the battery is almost dead. It has a new battery so I wonder if the starter is bad or not big enough to start this engine.

When an engine cranks faster when it's cold than when it's hot indicates high resistance in one of the battery cables and it's usually the oem aluminum block-to-frame cable that is the cause. Although appearing good on its outside the inside of the crimped-on aluminum terminals will be full of aluminum oxide that is not conductive. Another reason why the oem aluminum cables need to be replaced with 4-gauge COPPER cables with COPPER terminals.

Around 2010 I happened to have my hood open when I reached through my window to start my 454" and saw its braided copper valve cover-to-frame ground strap was smoking. I immediately knew its oem block-to-frame aluminum cable was shot because the little braided ground strap was providing a better ground than the aluminum cable was. As I had some 4-gauge copper wire and ring terminals in my stock I made a new ground cable and that solved the problem.
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