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I drove about an hour in 95 degree heat a couple of days ago and my shifter plate got so hot I couldn't touch it. The heat in the engine compartment escapes in any way it can and one way is through the top of the transmission tunnel and that's why my shifter plate got so hot.

If you have access to foam rubber take 12" long chunks of it and cram them into the 2" gap between the body and top of the transmission. By blocking that escape route your interior will be a lot cooler.

It's best to remove the distributor first so you have more room to work. I attempted to do the job with my distributor in place but quickly gave up and removed the distributor.

Pre-formed foam rubber is available from many Corvette vendors but I think they have to be glued to the top of the tunnel when the transmission is out.

After I crammed a bunch of foam rubber between the top of the tunnel and my transmission I immediately noticed how much cooler my shifter plate and interior was so the foam rubber does work.


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