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From another forum:

I have a Power Master starter on my 78 L82. It has been on there several years.Today for the 1st time ever I turned the key to start it and nothing happened. It had been sitting about 3 hours in the sun after driving it for 30 minutes. I turned the key off and back on and it started. After driving home I turned it off and waited about 15 minutes and the same thing happened as before. Waited another 3 hours and it started fine. This sounds like the solenoid going out but not sure.

The symptoms indicate an internally corroded block-to-frame ALUMINUM ground cable with ALUMINUM ring terminals. As long as they remain cool they will transfer current but when they get HOT the internal corrosion prevents them from passing enough current to crank the engine. Hundreds of thousands of good starters have been replaced because of those cheap OEM aluminum block-to-frame ground cables. If you haven't replaced your OEM aluminum ground cable I suggest you do it as soon as possible because it'll eventually leave you stranded. Copper 4 gauge X 18" cables are readily available from auto parts stores for less than $10.

A bit of history: In the late 60's there was an industry-wide push to use aluminum rather than copper wires in home construction because aluminum was cheaper. By the mid 80's homes began burning to the ground because of aluminum's higher expansion and contraction rate which loosened connections near flammable materials. Sadly G.M. used aluminum block-to-frame ground cables during those years so millions of their cars still have those inferior cables.
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