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I pulled up to the Taco Bell's drive through in the 100 degree valley and shut my 454" off so I could hear the gal's voice in the outside speaker. When I tried to start it all I heard was a click and it only turned over about 1/2 of a revolution. Uh oh.

The failure to spin over is probably due to a bad connection at my battery. I'm using side post battery terminals on the 3/8"-16 brass studs in my top posts so I need to clean the tops of the posts.

I have a 2-gauge copper block-to-frame ground cable so the problem is most likely with the positive terminal of my battery but I'll clean both terminals just to be sure.

Update: Upon opening the lid over my battery I saw a bead of solder on the top of my battery directly under the negative terminal. One of the bolts of the aftermarket terminal had loosened which caused enough heat to melt the solder. I tightened both of the 1/4" bolts and that took care of the no cranking problem.


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