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So, I have an 05 Base, Z51. I installed a BTR 227 234 .614 113+2 cam, dual springs, Speed Engineering long tube headers with catless Xpipe, Borla Type2 Classic axle back, a custom tune by Diablew and the car already had a 25% under drive pulley when I bought it. Needless to say, the car is a blast.

However, I have an issue with some smoke that I can't run down. I have read more forum posts (here and elsewhere) than I can count and I find conflicting information. The car does not smoke on startup (cold or hot), does not smoke while cruising or general spirited acceleration but if I down shift (especially down hill), she blows a decent amount of blue smoke. This also happen if I have been driving hard and take a quick corner, or after the car is warm and I have just executed a WOT pull.

I have read this could be an issue with PCV or a valve seal that is not seated. At first I though valve seal but with no smoke at startup, I am unsure. Compression is 205-208 across the board, no leak-down performed.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It's great to have a car like this but who wants to pull up at a stop, rumbling and have that smoke steal your thunder.
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