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adjusting rear suspension height?

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I am noticing, compared to a couple of other '76 Stingrays I've seen that mine has more space between the top of tires and bottom of fender on the rear. I can see alot of inner wheel well when looking from the side. Is it possible to adjust the rear an inch or two with the stock setup?
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it may be the tire profile that is different..50 series tires don t fill the space.. you can drop it some by lengthening the bolts on the ends of the transverse leaf springs .. if you have any threads left on the bolts now, , just loosen the nuts ..
Ok, thanks for the info. The tires are 235/60/15's.
I've got about 3/8's of an inch of thread left on each.
Get longer bolts
ok, thanks Lethal.
The bolts don't look like anything special, so these could be hardware store items?

What is the procedure for this? I'm guessing one side at a time with a floor jack supporting the spring leaf?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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