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We decided to make a few changes to our '01 Coupe for this season...LOL It kinda turned into "project snowball". The 36,000 mile engine is apart and waiting for a bunch of new pieces. It's going back together with a stock stroke crank, Eagle 6.125" h-beams, 10:1 forged Probe pistons, Mahle moly rings, ARP bolts, Cometic gaskets, King bearings, COMP 232-234 / .595-.598 on a 112, Scorpion 1.7s, Ported 241s, SLP oil pump, COMP double roller chain, AC Delco water pump, Scorpion pushrods, OBX headers, OBX exhaust, ZEX 250 kit with digital progressive, Cahall Performance Transmissions "Pro Race" 4L60E, Protorque 3200 stall, and a bunch of other stuff.
BTW, it's just a "Show" car...

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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