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From Another Forum:

"I have an '82 CrossFire that runs perfect until it gets to 1/2 tank. After 10 gallons of run time it appears to be starving for fuel. It will run but it has trouble once I come to a complete stop. Missing and sometimes will die. I have Installed a new fuel pump along with the entire sending unit assembly. Also cleaned the tank completely. I fill the tank up and she goes back to running great! Have also checked the fuel cap vent and its breathing normally. Anyone out there have any ideas as what could be causing this"?

The '82's have a 2" X 4" 25 micron inline fuel filter attached to the frame on the passenger side and because of its hidden location it's often not replaced at its recommended 25 thousand mile interval. There is a good possibility it's plugged and needs replacement. As he has replaced the fuel pump and sender assembly he would have a new "sock" on his new fuel pump so the frame mounted fuel filter is a likely suspect because it has very likely never been replaced.

Pleated paper fuel filters will often plug enough to kill the engine and then debris in the pleats will fall off and allow the engine to run again.........for a while until the debris gets stirred up and sticks in the pleats again; killing the engine.
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