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A/C not blowing

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got in my 81 today, 88* out today .. figured its time to crank up the old A/c for some nice cold air... flipped the switch to max/hi...NOTHING!! :z1-2: bitch! after checking the plugs on blower motor, for power and finding none, I moved to fuse panel... yep, blown , probably original..and that little mother is way at the top,under dash ... I m 6ft 1in tall and 225lbs.. after 20-30 minutes of cursing and squirming and squeezing my big azz in that little space, got it back in ...ah, ice cold air... :thumbsup3:
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I wish my ac problem was only a fuse
I'm glad I don't have to go under the dash to change fuses in my vettes :sheep:
That is tooo funny! :rofl:
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