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'89 bright red coupe, dependable daily driver!

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1989 Corvette coupe, bright red with black interior sport seats. New in last 2 years... automatic transmission, BoschII injectors, heater core, radiator, water-pump, AC compressor and drier, KYB shocks, intake manifold gaskets, 1.6 full roller rockers, brake pads, starter, battery, alternator, and Continental ExtremeContact DW tires... etc. Great daily driver! No fluid leaks! Has Jensen stereo CD player with 200watt amp to a bass-tube that's perfect for "Kid-Rock"! Everything I've done to this car was to make it a more dependable and efficient daily driver. This is the only car I own. I can texts plenty of pics. In N. Little Rock, Arkansas. $6500.00 obo!Call or text @ 501-837-5559 or e-mail @ [email protected] . Thanks, Steve
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Seems reasonably priced. Getting into the season for cruisin'. Some pics posted here might facilitate the sale process- IMO.

GLWS :thumbsup3:
I uploaded some pics to "my gallery" page. Not sure how to upload to this ad.:1zhelp:
I uploaded some pics to "my gallery" page. Not sure how to upload to this ad.:1zhelp:
You can upload the image to a Photobucket account or similar online photo account and get the "Image URL" from there
Right click the photo in your Gallery and "copy " the "Image URL"
Go to your post (if you are editing your post, first go to your post and press "Edit"), and click on the little square "Insert Image"
When the window opens, delete what's written on the default line- I think it's "HTTP..." so you have a blank line
"Paste" the "Image URL" you "copied"
Click ok or enter
Then go to your post
Put the cursor where you want the image to appear and "Paste"
Preview the post if okay, then post it
Note=> If IMG appears twice precedeing the image url and twice after the image url, you safe safely delete one from the front and one from the rear but not both
Hope this helps

If I messed up, all the help you need is here ...
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Will trade for a '72 or OLDER El Camino!:backstabber:
Spent 4 hours buffing the hood alone, and another hour waxing the whole car. WOW! Check out the recent pics I uploaded.
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