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It's was running a bit rough and stalling out often so I changed the MAF and the idle control valve, cleaned the Throttle body, and adjusted the TPI to 0.54 volts.

Now it just cranks and doesn't start.

I checked and the fuel rail get's the normal 42 PSI fuel pressure.
Noid light shows flashing signal on both banks but its a dim flashing light.
I cleaned up 6 ground locations either side of dash, one near the battery, one near the AC switches, headlight grounds etc.
Security light is flashing until I turn the key. Horn relay is hot but both horns are dead.
New starter, new battery, new ignition system, new plugs but spark is orange color not blue white.
Starting fluid didn't help and my mechanic friend tried propane in the pcv valve hose which didn't help it fire up either.
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