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85 hatch won't open

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Unable to open the rear hatch manualy or by using the electric switch all though it sounds like it does releases. I've try pushing it down, light prying open. Any other Ideas??
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Unable to open the rear hatch manualy ?
If it won't open via the manual cable that would suggest a mechanical problem , requiring you to physically remove the latch ( from the inside ) for investigation

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Thats what I was guessing that I would have to do next, but was hoping for an easier way. Thanks
you have to pull the manual cable pretty hard, mine was not working when I got it, had to pull the little cable hard, once I got the cylinoid out I found that it was made so it cant be repaired so I zip cut the crinp on the plug end and pulled it apart, found a broke wire, soddered it and epoxied it back together, good as new. and try to push the window up from the inside while pulling the manual latch.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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