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76 steering wheel options

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I have a '76 tilt/tele car.
I have seen the '76 conversion kit allowing the installation of the '77 type wheel. I would like to install a '75 or older wooden wheel. What are my options to install this type wheel? If anyone has any links for conversion kits or 68-75 style wheel that fit on the '76 - please post.

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I have the conversion kit and bought one of the black and chrome wheels but it's my understanding that with the kit you can us any wheel from 1968-1975 and 1977-1982 since the bolt patterns are the same 6 bolt set up. Most guys don't want the larger early 70's wheels because they are larger, my guess is they might a bit larger too and find those wheels more difficult to fit behind and use, just a guess.
Thanks for the info. I saw that conversion kit. I thought it was only for 77 and later wheels.

I did not know there was a diameter difference between pre 76 and post 76 wheels. Do you know the dimensional differences?
I believe the early models were 14 1/2" - 15" which alot of guys say is too big so they have gone with aftermarket 13 1/2" - 14" wheels. The bigger wheel seemed to work best in the C2's especially without power steering but the C3's didn't really need them but it seemed to carry over.
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