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'73 bumper replacement

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I've got a '73 vert and am courious if anyone's run into any problems replacing the front bumper. I ordered a Tru Flex bumper and it simply doesn't fit. There's a good 1 1/2" gap between the bumper and the fiberglass of the front of the car. At issue is the bumper frame structure. It seems to be "in the way" as it were.

Someone told me that they thought I should remove the bumper frame and install the bumper. This isn't something I would like to do.

Anyone run into this same issue? If so... any ideas?

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I m not certain on a tru-flex bumper,on specifically a 73, but for a fibreglas replacement bumper , the Impact strip must come off. ..if you don t want to do that, return the Tru-Flex for a Urethane reproduction..
Really? The structure of the bumper needs to be removed completely? That just doesn't seem very good at all. Do you know why they designed these replacement bumpers in a way that requires the removal of the impact bar?
. the frame extensions stays, just the impact bar is holding the bumper out , the bumper doesn t fit over it right .. get a urethane replacement if it concerns you.. honestly ,the impact bar isnt enough to protect you in a collision, its just the first design " 5 mile per hour" bumper.. then they started the eggcrate plastic impact cushion strip on the bar..I haven t put one specifically on a 73 in a very long time, you might call your vendor to see if theres another option
the impact bar isnt enough to protect you in a collision

I'm not too concerned with protecting myself in a collision so much as I am the front of the car (how messed up is that?).

I'm definitely going to have to look at other options. For some reason I'm being really **** about this.
I totally laughed out loud with your last staement. Funny thing is that I feel the same way. I wish I could help but I have an aftermarket front end from ecklers. Just wanted to comment on your statement. I needed that. You are in good hands. A master has commented on your plight.
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