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66 Vette - expected gas mileage

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I just acquired a 66 coupe, 327/300 with 336 rear end. I was wondering what I can expect for gas mileage, since I seem to be getting very poor mileage. I seem to remember my old 67 (327/350 hp) use to get over 20 mpg on the interstate and about 16 around town.
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I think average is a little lower..16-18 hiway,12- 14 city ...maybe needs a tune old 66/427 got 10mpg

You are now fueling the vette with a gas/alcohol blend which does not burn with as much power as the fuel in 66 did !!! Have found local Pure station does not sell fuel with the I run that for many reasons !!
I fuel my 1966 327/350 with E-free 89, and throw in "104 Octane Boost". Runs all the time like it's a cool brisk Spring morning. Can't tell ya about the mpg because, "Frankly Charlotte, I don't give a damn". :SMILEY:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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