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Hey , new on the site here but not new to 60's cars . Grew up around em and own 4 now . None of em are vettes though and I never did have one yet .
I'm lookin at a 66 that my bro in law is sellin but im very sketchy on my corvette knowledge and my bro in law is not a car guy at all.

One of the questions I had was regarding the hood on These 66 427 vettes. I've looked around and saw they have the raised hoods and chrome vents on the sides . Did any of them not have the chrome vents on the sides? I'm looking at these photos he sent me of his car and its hard to tell because the angle of the photo but it looks like there may be no vent there .
.I can ask him tomorrow but whether there is or isn't im very sure he isn't going to know if its original to the car or atleast could have been.
Did all the hoods have the chrome vents on the sides of the raised part of the hoods ??


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