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So back around the beginning of July I purchased a E Force Supercharger for my 2007 base 6m convertible.

So right away I started taking my car apart for the install.
To cut a long story short I broke my back after a fall from 10 feet or so and got as far as getting the heads off.

So in the next couple of weeks I plan on slowing putting my car together.

I do believe I have all the parts I will need.
I do plan on running close to 700hp once finished.

In no real order is my parts inventory.
-Edelbrock E Force tuner supercharger
  • upgraded fuel pump good for 800hp
  • 60 lb injectors good for 800hp
  • smaller pulley 3”
  • ARH long tube headers no cats
  • Lingenfelter GT 9 cam
  • Lingenfelter LSX springs
  • Lingenfelter 3 bolt cam conversion
  • Lingenfelter timing chain
  • new GM performance head gaskets
  • new stock radiator
  • gauge pod
  • boost gauge
  • AFR gauge
  • Morimoto headlights
That’s about all I can remember for parts off the top of my head.
I will edit the list as progress goes and if I remember any other parts already purchased.

I will post pictures as I go.
Any questions and or tips join in.

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