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1998 with knocking sound

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Hello, I just got my First corvette today and think i might have gotten screwed... Hopefully you guys can help me figure out a problem. I traded my pickup for a 1998 vette and it came with no warranty it has 93,000 miles on it but looks to be well maintained and showed a good carfax. It ran great today bringing it home and riding around a bit there was no noise that i couldnt figure out what it was until i got in it tonight to go to the store and i stopped at a red light and noticed a clanking noise coming from under the car while sitting at the red light. It is kind of like a rod knock in an engine but also sounds like a whirring noise like something in the tranny...? It does it while its driving and while ideling, it changes pitch when i race the engine. I'm thinking maybe it could be the tourqe converter but not sure. Anyone had this happen to them? or can help me try and figure out where i should look? I know its hard to find out whats wrong with just my words about sounds but any help would be appreciated. I hope i didnt get a clunker:crybaby:
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After looking in other forums it seems some others have had a rattling sound like im having and it was the Torque Tube bearings...I will see if i can see anything under there that will jump out at me that that is the problem. I wonder how hard it is to change these bearings?
Well No one has even attempted to help on this situation lmao thanks guys, i see i came to the right place. Well, just so in the future if anyone else has this same issue i will tell you what the problem was. It was the Harmonic Balancer. it is coming apart and the Pully is rubbing against the engine making the noise. i'll post a pic of what it looks like in my pics.
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