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For sale 1969 Corvette Convertible Stingray project car that needs restoration $13,000. Also included is a 1970 Corvette Coupe parts car. Have titles for both cars. The 69 Convertible has the original 350 / 300 HP motor, 4 speed transmission, and Power Steering. Has manual windows and door locks. Has the removable hard top. Original color was lamans blue with black interior. There is no soft convertible top with the car. The 1970 has power steering and power brakes and appears to once have A/C. The 70 has the original 4 speed trans and rear, but the motor numbers due not match. I was told by a friend that knows about engines that the motor in the 70 was a 350 from a 72 truck. The 70 has a new one piece front end that has never been bonded to the car but, the right passenger side fender cracked and broke. I have the piece that broke off the fender. The 70 doesn't have any interior and the inside is gutted. The frame on the 69 has damage up near the passenger wheel from an accident. I have included a pic of the frame in this area. Also the car was sitting for some time and doesn't run. Motor does turn over and is not seized. The 70 parts car appears to have a good solid rolling frame. The motor on the 70 turns over and does not appear to be seized. I don't know if it runs or not because the motor is not complete. Also included is a set of new aftermarket inner fenders for the 69. I was going to restore the 69 Convertible using parts off the 70 Coupe but, I now realize that I don't have the time to do so. Please look carefully at the following pics. Thank You
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