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18'' wheels

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Looking to put 18x8-18x10 rear,on my 69,who has them on there's.What i really would like to know if they are a bolt on, or if i need spacers. if so,what size spacers.
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Im lookin to do the same to my 80 vette...i was told a 18*10 w 5.5 backspacing would go on and stay under the fender w a 285-40-18
I have boss 338s 18x9.5 rear with 5.5 backspacing with 295/40/18 rubber. After i cut the emergency brake tab off the trailing arm i have about a inch of room left clearence. Id say a 18x10 with 6 inch backspacing would work awesome.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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