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You have probably seen the 1/8" NPT square head pipe plug in the front of your small block and wondered what it was for. In 1955 the 265" V8 engines didn't have a place on the underside of their block to mount an oil filter so they got a bypass canister oil filter mounted on the intake manifold. The pressure oil came from that 1/8" NPT pipe plug and the return oil went into a fitting on the intake manifold then drained back through the lifter valley and into the pan.

Since the drills and taps for those pipe plugs were parts of the block's tooling they continued drilling and tapping them for all of the later small blocks. It appears this 265" engine has one of the Carter WCFB 4-barrels on it that were used on many other G.M. and Mopar applications.

Later V8 blocks got canister oil filters mounted on the underside and finally spin-on oil filters in the mid 60's; a whole decade after Ford started using them.


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