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    Drive it like you Stole It
  2. Drive it like you Stole It

    Drive it like you Stole It

  3. Suspension, Tires and Wheels
    I have a 05 C6 with 325/30/19's Goodyear emt Supercars on it. I want a better tire that will get better traction. I tend to roast them to about 90. I have been looking at the Nitto NT05's. What are your suggestions.
  4. Suspension, Tires and Wheels
    Another spectacular car done by Here are some pics of the Savini Forged SV-2s on a new ZO6.
  5. Corvettes for Sale
    Hey everybody! I wanted to post some information on an amazing limited Chevy/Malibu collaboration. This is a beautiful corvette boat that is very limited and I thought that Smokin' Vette users may be interested: General Description *DELIVERY AVAILABLE* 2008 MALIBU Corvette Z06 Boat...