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  1. C6 Corvette Forums
    I know this may seem stupid but lately I've been very lonely and was just wondering
  2. C6 Corvette General Discussion
    I have a C6 Z06 & I have two key fobs. When I bought the car only one worked & after a few months the battery started to die & the other was already dead I replaced the batteries in both of them & they both worked then a week give or take a few days later the car won't detect either key. If I...
  3. Corvettes for Sale
    Thanks for stopping by to check out my gorgeous 09 ZHZ. If you arent familiar with the ZHZ, you will soon appreciate the time and effort put into these cars. They were a very limited edition made exclusively for Hertz. There were 500 hard tops built in 2008 and 300 convertibles built in 2009...
  4. General Corvette Forums
    This is my first visit to I saw the site owners on Jay Leno's Garage and decided to get involved with this forum. I am a member of a local corvette club, and really enjoy participating in the club activities. I have a black 2006 Z06 with the Lingenfelter performance package...
  5. C6 Z06 Discussion
    New to the forum but hoping I could get some advice..... Bought a used Z06 about 8 months ago after selling my 05 Z51. Thank goodness I bought a 07 with a warranty still on it. Took my 07 Z06 Vette in about 4 months ago for a tick under warranty. Around 1900 to 2100 RPM it had a very...
  6. C6 Parts For Sale or Wanted
    I have a 2007 C6, and was wondering if anyone has or has seen stick on rear quarter panel vents that look like the Z06 ones. I have seen them on the C5, but not the C6. REMEMBER 9/11
  7. C5 Corvette General Discussion
    Aloha Gang, I am new to this forum. I realize this is a goofy question but I just bought a 2002 Z06. People are asking me if it is a C5 or C6. I asked the dealer I bought it from, looked on the tags on the car, checked out the manual but I can't find anywhere where it says either. How do I...
  8. C5 Z06 Discussion
    Aloha Gang, I am new to the forum. I have a 2002 Z06. I just started autocross racing/cone racing here on Maui. My friends recommended Kumho V710 tires. Tire Rack says they have the R compound racing tires but they do not have them in the right size of Rear 295 35Z R18 and Front 265 40 Z R17...
  9. C6 Corvette General Discussion
    I hope no one minds me sharing a video of my son Matt McMurry, the youngest-ever graduate of the Bondurarnt school. I guess I can't post the video of his first drive in a Z06 (where in a few laps he catches up to the adult participants) since I'm new to the forum. Matt's goal is to be the...
  10. C6 Z06 Discussion
    I have a pair of wet okole seat covers in very good condition the material is neoprene $120 i will ship. if interested email me at [email protected] for pics
  11. Orange County Performance Z06

    Just back from Paint. Industrial Urethane Satin black Wheel coating. It's like a Teflon coating.
  12. General Corvette Forums
    I have owned Vettes since 1982, but only for sunny Sunday drives. I replaced my 76 with a car that I will keep forever. After searching for this car for two years, I am so pleased to have it. Like many new technologies, the 2003 Z06 is a digital mystery to me. I have much to learn...
  13. Z06 D2FORGED VS1 19/19"

  14. Z06 D2FORGED VS1 19/19"

  15. Z06 D2FORGED VS1 19/19"

  16. C6 CORVETTE 20/20" VS5

1-20 of 46 Results