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  1. C5 Corvettes For Sale
    Less than 15k miles since all performance work done. Too many modifications to list them all: Dyno'ed at 491hp, weighing less than 3k lbs! Carbon Fiber hood Z06 suspension all around New leather seats New Pilot Super Sport Tires Comp Cam ETP Stage 3 Heads, Springs, Rods F.A.S.T. intake Kooks...
  2. my beast 1

    Texas, San Antonio
  3. my beast 2

    Richmond, virginia
  4. 1963 Split Window Coupe 327 cubic inch 300 HP from Win the Vettes

    1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe Engine Compartment- 327 Cubic Inch and 300 HP
  5. My 1990 Vette

    I submitted a picture of my car to USAToday for their pic article on people who own Vettes. Mine was one of 26 used for the article.
  6. C3 Corvette General Discussion
    How can I tell if I have a 1976 Early model or 1976 Late model ? Where does the numbers start for late. Thanks
  7. NEW TO SMOKINVETTE Corvette Forum?
    Diamond Auto Collision/Racersandtuners vette on the dyno for tuning moderate work was done to the vette, headers, mild head work and ECU tuning.. what do you think? go to to see, or go to you tube and search diamond auto vette

    1975 C3

    1975 C3

    1975 VETTE&MOTOR

    1975 VETTE&MOTOR
  12. Blue Devil

    1988 Corvette
  13. TwinTurbo

  14. TwinTurbo

  15. TwinTurbo

1-20 of 20 Results