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  1. C6 Parts For Sale or Wanted
    Selling C6 OEM Wheels and Tires off my 2009 corvette base. Wheels in good condition. Comes with 4 tires already mounted and two additional rear tires. (6 total, 4 brand new 100% tread and two used) . Located in Houston. Lionhart/Delente Tire brand Tire Specs FRONT 245/40R18 REAR 285/45/19...
  2. C3 Tech & Performance
    OK, I have no idea why my driver's side rear wheel keeps coming off. It has happened three times, the last three times I drove it. I torqued the lug nuts myself and checked for tightness to the axle. Is it possible that the axle is moving in and out of the rear end causing the failure? I think...
  3. C5 Z06 Discussion
    Aloha Gang, I am new to the forum. I have a 2002 Z06. I just started autocross racing/cone racing here on Maui. My friends recommended Kumho V710 tires. Tire Rack says they have the R compound racing tires but they do not have them in the right size of Rear 295 35Z R18 and Front 265 40 Z R17...
  4. C5 Parts For Sale or Wanted
    I'm got rid of my car, so I'm selling my beloved Kinesis K28's. These are some of the rarest wheels you'll ever see on a C5, and my all-time favorites. Of all the sets I've seen, I only know of one other set for certain that were specifically designed to clear big brake kits. These wheels are...
  5. Suspension, Tires and Wheels
    Any thoughts on the Hankook Ventus V12 tires? They seem to get good reviews everywhere I look. Any of you guys using them now?

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1-6 of 6 Results