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  1. C3 Tech & Performance
    Hi everyone. I recently got a mostly stock 74 and am really excited about it! It is in good shape and I haven't had to do much on it. Unfortunately, that has changed. The car starts up just fine after couple pumps of the gas to prime the carb. But it stalls out after a few seconds. Yesterday I...
  2. C3 Corvette General Discussion
    Alright, so I just finished installing my B&M shift kit (very cool) but now I have a problem. I drove my car for probably 4 combined miles after the shift kit and had no problems. That was yesterday. Today, I drove it, and had some stalling issues. I was running the car and checking my...
  3. C4 Tech & Performance
    HI, i'm working on a customers 91 vette. It cuts out while moving at about 3000 rpm at WOT. But when the car is in park, it revs to the redline. Also, the car will power brake up to red line without a problem. However, like i said when the car is rolling and you step on it, it cuts out and...
1-3 of 3 Results