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  1. Speedometer and Tach for 76'

    C3 Tech & Performance
    I have an L-48, automatic. the speedometer does not track well, seems to run better once the engine is warmed up. I have checked the gears at the transmission, red gear, clean, no wear, I disconnected the cable from the speedometer and it spins while the car is going down the road, so I think...
  2. Was my Corvette manufactured for sale in Canada or elsewhere?

    C3 Corvette General Discussion
    A few years ago I bought my 1982 C3 Collector Edition from an estate of its second or third owner. It was in an outbuilding on a farm in upstate NY for 6 years and was tied up in the probate process for the gentleman's estate. Fortunately, the person who had custody of the car had the foresight...