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seat covers

  1. Group Buy of Seat Covers

    Hi, we are starting a group buy for your C4, C5 and C6 Corvette Seat Covers. We will offer a: 10% discount on orders ranging from 1-5, 15% discount on orders ranging from 6-10 and 17% discount on orders more than 10. The products up for grabs are as follows: C4 Corvette Genuine Leather Seat...
  2. f/s:z06 wet okole seat covers

    C6 Z06 Discussion
    I have a pair of wet okole seat covers in very good condition the material is neoprene $120 i will ship. if interested email me at [email protected] for pics
  3. Seat covers needed

    C6 Corvette General Discussion
    Are there any really snug fitting seat covers that don't look to bad? I'm often at the beach and always seem to manage to track some sand onto my seats. Which of course acts like sand paper on the leather.