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  1. C6 Parts For Sale or Wanted
    Hey guys, it's been a couple of years since I've been on here. I had to move and ended up selling the vette in the process. Anyway, I was cleaning out some of the items I had in storage from the move and I came across the full (front and back) insulation kit that I ordered from Exotic Vette...
  2. C3 Corvette General Discussion
    Thought you maght wat to take a look:
  3. 1963 Split Window Coupe Corvette Interior

    1963 Split Window Coupe Corvette from the 2011 Corvette Dream Giveaway- Win the Vettes
  4. 2011 ZR1 Hero Edition Red Interior on Corvette

    Hero Edition ZR1 with Custom Red Interior from the Corvette Dream Giveaway Sweepstakes
  5. 2011 ZR1 Hero Edition from the Corvette Dream Giveaway

    2011 ZR1 Hero Edition Custom Red Interior Done by Alternative
  6. C1 & C2 Parts For Sale or Wanted
    For Sale: 1967 Corvette Original Seat Belts - This is a complete used vintage 1966L - 1967 Corvette seat belt set minus the retractor covers (avail everywhere) and mounting hardware (also avail everywhere). This set is a GM OEM ('76) 1967 replacement (see photo of tag which has all the code...
  7. pscott 1987 C4 Coupe

    pscott 1987 Coupe w/Z52
  8. C3 Parts For Sale or Wanted
    RE-Starting what was started 35 years ago on this 427/435 all original beaut. Need a lot of parts, yet to be determined but will need most of interior. Anyone who can help with parts or "leads" appreciate the effort ... Thanks ... Pat
  9. C3 Corvette General Discussion
    Hi, Pulled the seats/carpet out of my 70 big block. Going to spray interior with lizard skin to see if it helps with the heat problems. Once I got under the dash I realized that it's been monkeyed with in the past, (no kidding it really does look like it was attacked by monkeys). Anyone know...
  10. C3 Corvette General Discussion
    I have a 78 Corvette and am in the process of planning my restoration. I want to redo some part of the interior, including the door panels and dash. I am nervous about the idea of actually replacing the dash because im not sure of all the electrical work and mounting that would need to be done...
  11. C3 Corvette General Discussion
    I have a '77 that I'm doing some interior work on. I recently bought a completely new set of the interior carpet and am wondering if anyone has done this replacement before and has any suggestions. Specifically, what adhesive to use etc. I've seen some spray-on 3M adhesive which is kind of...
1-14 of 15 Results