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  1. C6 Corvette General Discussion
    Check out these C6 Dyno runs. Shop mechanic forgot the oil cap off and the fan off. Car is bone stock.
  2. C1 & C2 Tech & Performance
    I have a 1965 originally equipped with a 327 ci / 300 hp engine. It's in need of a rebuild and it's #s matching, so I'm going to pull it and replace it with a 350 crate motor and keep the #s matching engine for later. My question is if I go to something like a 383 ci / 435 hp motor, will the...
  3. C5 Tech & Performance
    I recently bought a 98 c5 and i feel like i am missing some horsepower in the engine. I have a vararam cold air intake and a corsa exhaust. Is there anything i can do to try to get some horepower back that may be hiding or other inexpensive ways to increse horsepower? I want to get a chip for it...
  4. C3 Corvette General Discussion
    I have a 1978 corvette. the manufactured compression ratio is down below 9:1. my knowledge of turbo vehicles is limited, but from what i understand is that lower compression engines are better candidates for turbos.. more room to force air into. QUESTION: does anybody have more knowledge on the...
  5. C3 Corvette General Discussion
    I have a 1978 Corvette, and have head you can get a decent HP gain from removing most of the emissions controls on the car. that being said.. im not sure what all that would include. could someone let me know what types of things could be removed for this process?
  6. STS Dyno 08 C6 LS3

    08 C6 LS3 6.2L STS Turbo 10 psi
1-6 of 6 Results