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  1. 1959 283 heads

    Corvettes for Sale
    Sellling a pair of 1959 high output 283 heads. Will need to be gone through and have valve seats ground. Selling as are. 3755550 stamped on heads. With the upward pointing triangle. Are in Grand Island, Ne. Willing to ship at buyer's expense. $1100 obo
  2. New from Detroit, mi need opinions

    NEW TO SMOKINVETTE Corvette Forum?
    I have 98 stock c5 besides veraram intake. Next step is cam, stall, and heads. It's not my daily driver just my weekend toy. What set ups do you guys recommend to get the best hp for your buck.
  3. Headers, Heads, Intake

    C4 Tech & Performance
    I recently purchased an '86 Corvette and I can't wait to start working on it. everything on it is fine. I am wondering if anybody has advice as to which headers, heads, and intake manifold combinations are best. specific answers please. And also cat-back exhaust systems.
  4. FS: Brand New TEA Ported 862 5.3 Heads!!! <=================

    C5 Parts For Sale or Wanted
    These heads are 862 castings (5.3L). They were ported by Total Engine Airflow ( They include Ferrea Valves,2.055 intake, 1.550 exhaust with swirl finish. They are a beautiful set of heads. Full CNC ported and NOT milled. Heads are also brand new castings from GM. No...
  5. White Smoke

    C4 Corvette General Discussion
    There is white smoke issuing from the tailpipes of my '87 vette. Does this mean that the head gaskets are gone or are the heads cracked?
  6. Shopping for heads

    C6 Tech & Performance
    I don't see how you guys do this. :toocrazy: There are so many companies and different specs. I have a 2006 that has a LS2 in it still. I'm going to do a head and cam swap in the car. Long tube headers and a few other bolt on parts. When I was on phone with the comp cam they had asked me...