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  1. How to change the headlights on a C4 Corvette (Bulbs)

    C4 Corvette General Discussion
    Hey guys, This is my newest video that will show you how to change the headlight bulbs (sealed beams) on a C4. Let me know what you think! **Also, if the video was helpful, give it a “thumbs up” on YouTube (it helps me out, thanks)*** The job...
  2. Feedback about Oracle - Advanced Automotive Concepts

    C6 Corvette General Discussion
    Has anyone else dealt with these people? Just sent my lights off to AAC for a halo install and lens replacement. I supplied the lenses and talked with the sales dept at AAC for about a month before sending everything in. It was cheaper to get the halos installed that it is to pay someone to do...
  3. Headlights work..Just wont go down..

    C3 Tech & Performance
    Just today i turned my 1976 stingray headlights on for an inspection renewel and they came up, turned on and went down just as desired...After i Paid, i turned the car on and the headlights came up on their own and wouldnt go back down..Lights work just fine and so do the high beams..Just cant...
  4. Problem with Headlight

    C4 Tech & Performance
    Heres the story. I have a 95 corvette and i left my lights on and killed the battery; i got a jump but since then my headlights didnt work right. At first neither worked right, but then i was just moving a wire on the right HL and it starting burning the insulation and the knob on the motor...
  5. Dying Headlights

    C4 Corvette General Discussion
    Its almost time for the yearly state inspection for my 89 Vette. Most everything seems up to par, except my pop-up headlights, I have to turn them on and off 7-8 times before they both make it up and stay up. Has anyone out there had something similar happen? If so, is there a simple fix, or...