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  1. 2008 C6 w/Headers, Cam, Cats, 500hp 5k miles LG MOTORSPORTS DALLAS - *** LOOK ***

    Corvettes for Sale
    This car is a beast. This car sounds like a Harley and is super loud with the pipes open. I can't go anywhere without EVERYONE telling me how awesome this car sounds. This hasn't been dogged out or ran hard either! I thought I could handle this car but I'm 6 foot 5 so driving it isn't really...
  2. Headers, Heads, Intake

    C4 Tech & Performance
    I recently purchased an '86 Corvette and I can't wait to start working on it. everything on it is fine. I am wondering if anybody has advice as to which headers, heads, and intake manifold combinations are best. specific answers please. And also cat-back exhaust systems.
  3. Longtube Racing Headers

    Longtube Racing Headers

  4. NEW BORLA Stinger (140017) SS Aggressive Catback For Sale - $695 [Also Headers]

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    SOLD - Please remove this thread Item sold - moderator please delete thread - thank you
  5. Superchargers

    C6 Tech & Performance
    Hey, I was wondering what is a good supercharger for a 2007 Vert? Also, are Billy Boat Headers a good brand? What are some of the better headers out there?
  6. Installing headers in my garage?

    C6 Corvette General Discussion
    Can this be done in a home garage with no lift? 1 person? I have jacks and jack stands and thinking about getting a set of headers but would like to do work myself. Have any of you installed your own headers?