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  1. C3 Corvette General Discussion
    Hey guys, I have recently joined the forum because I am helping a friend out with his 1972 Stingray. We had it running about three years ago and there were no problems, but the car has been on stands and not been started in the past three years. Here is the problem: I went to go put the battery...
  2. C4 Corvette General Discussion
    How much voltage is supposed to go to the electric fan for the radiator on a 1987 Corvette?
  3. C3 Tech & Performance
    My fan will not run on 1st 3 speeds. I have 12V to both sides of the fuse. I know the high speed relay powers the 4th speed and it runs there, so I don't think it's a ground issue. It ran a couple of days ago and quit. I found the fuse blown and replaced it, but now won't run. Where do I start?
  4. C4 Corvette Do It Yourself Forum
    My dash lights went out after changing battery. Please help with a wiring diagram, or other suggestion.
1-4 of 4 Results