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  1. NEW TO SMOKINVETTE Corvette Forum?
    Hello Everyone!, Stumbled across this forum and couldn't stop reading everybodys thoughts and problems. I read a lot of good advice. In fact I couldn't stop for hours. Anyway I was given a "Ruby" 40th ann. a year ago by my father. It had been sitting in his front yard in the Tucson sun for...
  2. Corvette Detailing
    I had gotten my car professionally detailed at Ziebart's and it cost waaay tooo much money to ever do again in like 30 years. Ouch! I asked if I could buy the the "Vinyl Top Dressing" they use on rag tops; but not for resale. I guess back in the day, it was really popular, but now it's almost...
1-2 of 2 Results