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  1. C4 Corvette General Discussion
    I have an '85 Vette and my shift button will not depress. I opened the whole center console and there is absolutely no brake interlock solenoid. I don't know if this has already been removed with a previous owner or what. I attempt to depress the button and watch the mechanism and it looks like...
  2. toyotaGray C4

    Picking up my from the paint shop. Went from Artic White to Toyota Gray
  3. toyota Gray Corvette

    Painted my Artic White Corvette Toyota Gray. the white was too plain. I wanted to be different
  4. C4 Tech & Performance
    Hello guys, So here is my latest Corvette how-to video: My buddy wanted this in his Vette and I know many people do this, so I made a how to video... Let me know what you think and if I should add anything in the annotations! Happy Fathers Day
  5. C4 Corvettes For Sale
    Beautiful Lil Red Corvette!! 1986 ALL ORIGINAL Indianapolis Pace Car with indy stickers and original paperwork. This car has been completely babied and only has 28,000 original miles on the motor. Exterior is red with white convertible top. Interior is red/black leather. Original inside and out...
  6. C4 Corvette General Discussion
    Hey guys, The next installment in my line of Corvette How-to videos is here! I made a video about changing out the battery on our C4 Vettes: How to Replace a Battery in a C4 Corvette - YouTube Hope this helps some people. Although it isnt difficult, it identifies what to do and what tools...
1-6 of 6 Results