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  1. Brake it

    C6 Corvette General Discussion
    Anyone know where I can find custom brake caliber paint? More specifically lime green? Any help would be great. Thanks!
  2. Something special in my wheel wells :)

    C6 Corvette General Discussion
    Well, OK, not in my wheel wells yet, I will be doing the install after work today, but these are the only ones of their kind in the world since I have the first prototype set :) GiroDisc Two Piece brake rotors for a Z-51 optioned Corvette. They are real race rotors with directional curved...
  3. Brake Power Boost

    C3 Corvette General Discussion
    Looking to replace the brake power boost on my 1978 corvette. after taking a look i noticed there are several things in the way of getting at the bolts under the dash. is there a simple way to do this? step by step instructions would be great if possible. also i have heard that its possible to...
  4. Brake Light is killing me!!

    C3 Tech & Performance
    Hey, its my 1980 again causing me headache, now when i press the brake the brake lights wont work, although the low beam of the light works. this is what i checked: 1st. Lamps and it showed that they work just fine. 2nd. Brake light switch that is attached to the brake pedal, and it doesnt have...