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  1. C3 Corvette General Discussion
    Hi all, I just removed my front caliper to get to the rotors so I could replace a broken pin. No big deal, but getting the caliper, well brake pads back on was a hell of a job. :confused: Is there some trick to this or a tool I should use. It took me like an hour to get the brake pads in and I...
  2. C6 Corvette General Discussion
    Anyone use these? How do you like them? What pads did you have on before these?
  3. C6 Corvette General Discussion
    Would anyone happen to know the difference between the Cobalt CS-R and the Cobalt XR2 C6 brake pads? The XR2's are about $20 more than the CS-R's. I've done some searches here and it seems like Hawk pads and Carbo Tech pads are pretty popular. How would these Cobalt pads compare?
1-3 of 3 Results