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  1. Sweet tapdancing Gorillas I need help!

    C3 Corvette General Discussion
    Hey Folks - I'm new to the forum, and I have a question (as if the title didn't get the point across). I have a 1975 Stingray that I've owned for a while, but really don't take out...ever (it's been a labor of love slowly being rebuilt). Last summer, I pulled it out and decided to take it...
  2. 82 with a backfire problem

    C3 Tech & Performance
    Good morning everyone. I am hoping someone can help me here. I have an 82 with an edelbrock manifold and holly intake. The previous owner took out the crossfire injectors. Any how, up until this morning my car has ran super well, now it is backfiring on acceleration and putting out black...
  3. 94 Corvette LT1 power loss, backfiring when warm / closed loop

    C4 Tech & Performance
    So I just got this sweet 94 Corvette, and am LOVING it. My first one. When I first got it, it had some misfire at higher RPM's so I installed a new MSD cap, rotor, and coil, as well as Taylor 8.2 wires and TR55's gapped at 050. After I figured out that I'd re-installed the Opti on wrong,(IT CAN...
  4. Full throttle hesitation

    C3 Corvette General Discussion
    Hello I'm new to this site just bought me my first vette 78, been finishing restoring it and i'm just about done working out all the kinks but one and just cant figure it out. This is the deal when i accelerate from a stop it goes fine but then while going at about 35-45 mph and stomp on it , it...
  5. Hesitation from idle to 2500 RPMS

    C4 Corvette General Discussion
    I've been having problems with my 92 Convertible LT1. Car starts and idles fine, but hesitates and backfires under acceleration until about 2,500 RPM, then accelerates normally once foot has been removed and reapplied to gas pedal. Car revs normally with no hesitation while in park. Problem only...