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  1. NEW TO SMOKINVETTE Corvette Forum?
    This is my first visit to I saw the site owners on Jay Leno's Garage and decided to get involved with this forum. I am a member of a local corvette club, and really enjoy participating in the club activities. I have a black 2006 Z06 with the Lingenfelter performance package...
  2. Corvette Audio
    A while back i asked some people for ideas on this forum and other forums about a box for the rear of our 79 corvette. After a lot of brainstorming and searching i figured out what i wanted to use and about how i wanted to do it. i reused some audio equipment that i previously had from other...
  3. Corvette Audio
    I am looking at installing a standard single DIN stereo in my 78 corvette. need to know how to remove the shaft radio and if there needs to be any custom work done to make it fit?
1-3 of 3 Results