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  1. C3 Corvette General Discussion
    I am trying to replace the rear brake lines on my 69. They are rusted into the brass distribution block. What is the best way to get them separated without doing damage? Thanks
  2. My Resto-modified 69 Corvette

    Front lower end with inset headlights and custom grill... this is also different now as I just finished the front end this week, redone with 24k gold headlight covers, grill, trim and hidden LED lighting.
  3. My Resto-modified 69 Corvette

    I plan to have this paint scheme redone as it's 35+ years old, but still in pretty good condition.
  4. My Resto-modified 69 Corvette

    Passenger side view shows a better image of the chopped top coupe, windshield and side windows
  5. My Resto-modified 69 Corvette

    Custom widened and flared body was completely molded with no kits or seams.
  6. My Resto-modified 69 Corvette

    Here's a few pics of my 69 Corvette. The frame, body and paint were done in the early 70's, which means the paint job is over 35 years old. I've gon through this car for the last year or so re-doing everything, custom lighting, trim, grills (front and side LEDs, etc. and also changed the black inter
1-6 of 6 Results