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1999 with only 78,000 miles and 6,000 miles since it was upgraded, car has always been garage kept under a vette car cover. MUST SEE !!!!
SUPER MODIFIED FOR DRAG RACING OR ROAD RACING AS WELL AS SMOKING C6 AND C7 ZO6's and some ZR1's when this car JUMPS out a car or so because of that 390 gear I snuck in there when no one was looking it had a 342, but with that 3500 stall and that 390 gear it woke that car up big time , I have M/T et street slicks on her, 315x30x18 and they turn that 390 gear into a 410 gear, and these ZR1 drivers, well most of them don't know how to race them, they can drive them like their going to church, but when it comes to building boost and not shifting them correctly. Like they shift at 3500 instead of running them up to around 7 grand , those guys I embarrass them and have to listen to their excuses at the next red light about only creating 1 pounds or 2 lb of boost well that's not my fault I did not shift that thing at 3500 RPMs
This car is fast and it has been very well taken care of I never drive her in the rain and she lives in the garage under a red and black vette cover. I have at least 80% of the factory part that came off of it including the injector the ring and pinion gear for the rear end the factory tail lights that were replaced with LEDs it also has HID headlights that are super bright with a blue tint I also put a new rear fascia on it it is a little shorter than the factory one as well as has a spoiler it's about 2 inches tall it's hardly even noticeable unless you put it next to a Factory one, I put trick flow heads on with new head gaskets made for the use of nitrous as well as all the correct valves and valve springs, rockers arms, push RODS, and lifters, that go with the comp cam I installed, it's a 613 lift with a 242 243 duration I also installed a brand new water pump with a 160 degree thermostat so she never runs hot,, even in the middle of summer in the Hill Country or sitting in traffic, I also put in a high-volume oil pump with new double timing gears and chain as well as new idler pulley and tensioner pulleys I replace the factory alternator with a 300 amp alternator, to be able to use the nitrous bottle heaters without draining any of it's electrical power it has a 92 mm fast intake and throttle body with a BBK air Bridge also a set of 2 and 7/8 American Eagle long tube Stainless Headers with MagnaFlow stainless exhaust from The header collector all the way out the back,, car sounds tough, I also installed the Big Green Top Ford injectors that produce 42 pounds per hour, with a high-volume fuel pump installed in the Factory gas tank to assist with the nitrous so I did not have to build a auxiliary tank to put under the hood, the nitrous pressure gauge and the fuel gauge are mounted in the a-pillar, transmission was removed disassembled and beefed up with high performance Redline clutches, it has a 4 L 60E in her and we replace all the o'rings and seals and gaskets while it was out, they also replaced some of the hard parts like the input shaft and the output shaft they guaranteed it could handle over 900 horsepower with the new high performance upgrades they did to it,, they also installed a performance servo in it, and while it was a part I had a 390 rear gear put in her , along with all new axle seals and hardened CV joints and new boots I also replace the rear and the front engine crankshaft seals, a new timing cover gasket and oil pan gasket, and valve cover gaskets I also put a shaker hood on it. For more information email me @ [email protected]
The only reason I am selling it is because I sold my trucking company cuz I was diagnosed with an illness that keeps me from doing physical activity I have over $50,000 invested in this car,, and it's killing me to get rid of her but I have to pay some doctor bills and get caught up on some things because I am sick I was asking 29,000 with the trailer I put together for it, but I don't have much time now so I'm selling the car for only 20,000 and keeping the trailer. This price is a steal it has only the best parts you can put on it, as well as the extra parts, and the extra new tires and wheels, I have one full set of factory new tires and wheels and a set of street tires with matching wheels for the rear. Who ever buys this car will be super happy they did, and didn't pass on it !!!

IF you want to know what all has been done to her contact me ! @
[email protected] and we can swap phone numbers !!!


5.7 plus


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