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Default Emission Code Problem

Hey everyone. Well, I posted awhile ago that my 96 coupe a4 passed Ca. smog test with flying colors. My question was that about a couple of weeks before the test, my check engine light went on. I didn't get a chance to get the code and just went to get the smog test. These are my numbers: 15mph-rpm1590-CO2=15.2, O2 meas. 0.0, HC meas. 0, CO meas. 0.01, NO meas. 114.

25mph-rpm 1532-C02=15.2, O2 meas. 0.0, HC meas. 0, CO 0.01, NO 109.

I'm sorry I couldn't post the sheet so I hope it's not too confusing. First, I have always believed that a check engine light will fail smog, however, my light had gone on prior to the test and it still passed. Do my numbers look about average or do they look super clean? I'm still not sure if my "people" used a different car for the test. Now, my engine light is still going on. I finally was able to get it scanned today and the reader said," P0443-evaporative emissions system purge control valve circuit". What now. I'm finally getting my FSM next month (thanks wifey) but is there anything I can do now to fix the problem? Any help is appreciated. Remember, I'm not too familiar with the LT1 so make the answers as simple as possible Thanks, Ed.
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