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Default Cold Air Intakes vs Forced Air Intakes

There is a definite difference between a "cold" air intake and a "forced" air intake as a cold air intake merely draws in cooler and denser air from outside of the hot engine compartment whereas a forced air intake draws in cooler and denser air that is also under pressure. Such as that found at the front of the car or at the base of the windshield. So there's a big difference between the two. But to really make use of the cooler and denser air that a forced air intake can provide the car needs to be running at a fast enough speed to produce pressurized air. Like 50-60 mph or more. So a forced air intake won't hardly help at all when you nail the throttle from a standing start; the only benefit coming from the denser outside air.

Modern computer-controlled engines are the best of both worlds as they will automatically adjust their air/fuel ratios for the denser and pressurized air whereas a carbureted engine won't adjust for anything. Which is why carbureted engines running at high altitudes need smaller jets.
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