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SmokinVette.com Forums : Corvette Forums : C6 Corvette Forums : ZR1 Corvette Forum : DashTronix announces upcoming Escort™ display functions on the Radar Projector™!
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Default DashTronix announces upcoming Escort™ display functions on the Radar Projector™!

DashTronix announces upcoming Escort™ and Beltronics™ display functions on the Radar Projector™ ! Display your Escort™ or and Beltronics™ radar detector on your HUD!

Pre-Release Product Announcement

DashTronix continues its path of innovation with the amazing announcement of a new Radar Projector™ (RP) compatible with 11 models of Escort™ radar detectors* in addition to our Valentine 1™ compatible Radar Projector™! Now, in HUD equipped vehicles, you can have Escort™ or Valentine 1™ radar detector information displayed on your HUD. Just get the right Radar Projector™ for your needs. Our R&D department is so excited about this new development that we decided to announce the Escort™ Radar Projector™ to the Corvette community before it's even available! You can view an actual video, recorded live, showing a production version.

The tiny Radar Projector™ comes with everything you need right out of the box. It plugs into your car at the OBD-II port under the steering column with the included cable. It automatically controls the power to your Escort™ or Valentine 1™ detector using a telephone cord, by sensing when you turn your engine on and off without the need for tapping fuses, wires or using the lighter outlet. With its incredible efficiency and intelligence it's designed to be left plugged in to your car at all times. The Radar Projector™ is truly 100% plug-and-play and is compatible with all HUD equipped C6 model years 2005-2011.

All information from your Valentine 1™ or significant information from your Escort™ is transferred to the HUD so you don't have to take your eyes off the road to have radar situational awareness. There is simply nothing else like the Radar Projector™ available!

The new Escort™ RP™ has already entered our rigorous design verification and validation process. We go through this arduous process for all of our products since they must meet our extremely high requirements. DashTronix prides itself on releasing rock solid, bug-free and simple-to-use products. The new Escort™ RP™ will only be available after it satisfactory completes the design verification and validation process. In the meantime the Valentine 1™ RP™ is immediately available.

DashTronix will announce when the Escort™ capable RP™ is available for purchase, at which time we will be shipping immediately afterwards. In the meantime, to order a Radar Projector™ for your Valentine 1™, visit http://www.dashtronix.com or call 1-773-888-DASH (3274).

Accelerate your Corvette through the 21st century with the DashTronix Radar Projector™ today! There's nothing else like it in the world.

*Compatible Escort models will include 9500ix, 9500i, 8500 X50, 8500, 7500S, 7500, 6800, C65, RedLine, Solo S2 and SC55.
Beltronics models GX65, STi Driver, RX65, RX55, 995, 965, 955.

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